16 + 5 = forever

I miss you James, I miss you Jean
Though pain of loss is truly mean
Unending love is stronger yet
Because of that, I can’t forget
My brother James and lovely wife
They showed me how to embrace life
Their kindness, joy and laughter too
I’ll always miss the both of you


The long and winding road

I thought it would last forever
But then came the worst day ever
That happened five years ago now
And I’ve made it this far somehow
Since life’s a trip and not a race
I took my stuff to a new place
And I brought Linc and Brownie too
As time has passed, I’m not so blue
I’m sometimes red and sometimes green
The colors change, know what I mean?
There are more ups and fewer downs
I’m mostly better than this sounds
But days like this can hurt the most
And good humor becomes morose
I still think that love was cheated
My forever’s not completed


Love and thunder

I took a chance with a blind date
And she did too, what freaky fate
We had our fun and loved a lot
But then she passed, I was distraught
I do not pray, but I have hope
That someone else will want this dope
Love’s lighting bolts – can they strike twice?
I think they will, I’ve been real nice


Sweetie Pea eternally

How should I prepare
For grief that’s always there?
It never goes away
And surfaces each day
Loneliness and sorrow
Escalates tomorrow
I’m sure I’ll shed a tear
She’s gone another year


The days between

Five days of reflection
With intense affection
For my one and only
While I’m feeling lonely
Sunday was the first date
Thursday is the worst date
Sunday I romance her
Thursday – fucking cancer
Even though it’s four years
This week still brings more tears
Will it dwindle? Never
Sweetie Pea forever!


There ain’t no cure for the summertime blues

Therapy day – therapy day
I always feel better on therapy day
My cheeks are much wetter on therapy day
Therapy day – therapy day
I talk about issues on therapy day
I fly through the tissues on therapy day
Therapy day – therapy day
I wallow in sadness on therapy day
I tamp down the madness on therapy day
Therapy day – therapy day
I don’t talk about you on therapy day
I just talk about you on therapy day
Therapy day – therapy day
I weird laugh and gross cry on therapy day
I can’t wait to have my next therapy day
Therapy day – therapy day


Happy 53 Sweetie Pea

If Sweetie Pea
Was here with me
She too would be 53
I shed a tear
‘Cause she’s not here
49 again this year


How very curious

Monkeecat and Sweetie Pea
Having tea at their party
Cuddling a warm teapot
Comforting and not too hot
She sips on her tepid brew
Monkee sleeps ignoring you
These cool cats are on display
What a way to start my day


When the feeling’s gone and you can’t go on

Every tragedy
Begins as a love story
That ends with heartache


What if?

Ever ponder fate though?
What if I didn’t go?
What if she didn’t show?
What if I had no dough?
What if she had a beau?
I guess we’ll never know


The last shall be first and the first last

Twelve years ago this week
I had the best first date
It wasn’t that unique
But man it turned out great
I don’t expect to meet
A clone of my soulmate
But it would sure be sweet
To have my last first date


Brownie Bear at my side

It’s always nice, it’s always nice
To have Brownie Bear at my side
It’s always nice, it’s always nice
To have Brownie Bear at my side
Look back on the Christmas lights (which Linc broke)
The tears that I cried
It’s always nice, it’s always nice
To have Brownie Bear at my side
Oh! This is the doggie that Jean and I chose
Oh! This little doggie has such a cute nose
Oh! He runs at full speed along the chain fence
Oh! Brownie’s motherfucking head is immense
Oh! When out on a walk – don’t care where he goes
Oh! His head is so big, I think it still grows
Oh! The rest of the doggies don’t wear their leads
He runs through weeds, eating the seeds
That’s what Brownie Bear needs
It’s always nice, it’s always nice
Afterwards he takes a quick doze
It’s always nice, it’s always nice
When it’s time for dinner he knows
He wants a nice treat
He wants his rawhide
Still, it’s always nice, it’s always nice
To have Brownie Bear at my side


Happy birthday to my Sweetie Pea

My heart is locked, you have the key
That’s why you are my Sweetie Pea
We love to laugh, we’re filled with glee
This ring makes you my Sweetie Pea
The bestest smile, you’d ever see
So glad you are my Sweetie Pea
Though you are gone and not with me
You’ll always be my Sweetie Pea


Bhí Jean foirfe

I will help you cook the meal
When you’re perfect – no big deal
I will help you dye your hair
You’re so perfect – I don’t care
I will help you with your pain
‘Cause you’re perfect – right as rain
I will help you to get high
Since you’re perfect – won’t ask why
I will help you Sweetie Pea
You are perfect – perfectly


WWJD? What would Jean do?

When cops kill blacks, I think of Jean
And how she’d say, “This is obscene!
That could be me, or my nephews
Who now is dead and on the news!”
What is the crime, or mortal sin
That’s based on color of your skin?
What justifies such an attack?
Their biggest crime? They were born black…


Miss Jean

Every day there’s pain and sorrow
It will still be there tomorrow
Though I know her love and laughter
Will be there forever after


How do you like them apples?

Today I think I’m gonna try
To bake some apples in a pie
The fruit was grown for Sweetie Pea
I know it will taste good to me


So blow out the candles and have a piece of cake!

It’s my day of birth, but I ain’t new
Like a deck of cards I’m 52
To my Sweetie Pea I’m Sugar Pooh
I did not move here to eat lamb stew
Count ABC’s twice to get my age
I’m like a tiger trapped in a cage
But maybe this year I’ll turn the page
They say 50 plus is such a rage
Took 52 years to get this far
I walk everywhere ’cause I’ve no car
And my birthday wish is so bizarre
But I want to be a viral star
With my rocking rhymes that have such flair
Plus drawings of Linc and Brownie Bear
Since we’re Facebook friends, I know you care
So please do your part and click on “share”


Ode to a glove

In my old coat I find a glove
A gift from Jean given with love
It warms my hand, it warms my heart
I think about our time apart
With this snug glove I walk alone
Though it’s been tough, I know I’ve grown
This glove is like a lucky charm
When tightly worn, it wards off harm
I think about the times we spent
My glove on hers and what that meant
The feels I get wearing this glove
From Sweetie Pea with so much love


730 Jean free days 💔

Two years ago I lost my wife
While others choose this day to weep
The end does not define her life
Her memory each day I keep


Thanks crazyblinddate.com

I remember well that summer night
When we first met from a dating site
Those eleven years have rambled on
Now I’m over here, and she is gone
Her absence is felt in every way
But I’m grateful for that fateful day
Although I still miss my Sweetie Pea
It’s not as dark as it used to be


Blue Monday

The day is coming
Two years since Sweetie Pea passed
I miss her so much


I was swallowing my pain

Will anybody else ever get me?
Or will I be eternally lonely?
‘Cause Sweetie Pea was my one and only
It’s possible I’m too complicated
And loving me might be overrated
But I don’t ever want to be hated
I hope that I can cause an attraction
That generates a joyous reaction
And brings us mutual satisfaction
Until then if I’ve caused pain or sorrow
In Kilkenny or Kilimanjaro
I promise to be better tomorrow


They were the best days

I keep picking at the scab
Memories I want to stab
Need to clear up this malaise
And remember better days



When first we met on a crazy blind date
I did not know how lucky I would be
Our meeting was a lovely twist of fate
The perfect friend, you made me so happy
I love you as I never loved before
Since first we met for just a cup of tea
Each night I think about the vows we swore
I love you as I loved you
‘Cause you’re my sweet
‘Cause you’re my Sweetie Pea


Until the end of time

How many times can your heart break?
How many times can your heart ache?
So many times you’ll mourn and grieve
So many times you won’t believe
How many times did your heart build?
How many times was your heart filled?
That many times you’ll wonder why
That many times and more you’ll cry


Better than the alternative

Will I always feel this way?
Will it stop and go away?
Will the memories and tears
Stay with me for many years?


181212 Ninth anniversary

When sweetie pea was by my side
We’d often laugh until we cried
It was with overwhelming pride
That she said yes to be my bride


Backing up to the cloud

Sweetie Pea – with me forever
Memories will hit whenever
Day or night – in any weather
So much joy we had together
Our fun scale went to eleven
Hand in hand that was our heaven
Every day I go and find her
And enjoy each sweet reminder


Excuse me, do I have something in my teeth?

So many sounds had come before
But my heart has been silent after
I’d give my ear to hear once more
The jubilation of Jean’s laughter


There’s a light in the darkness of everybody’s life

I get in bed, turn off the light
And miss the things we did at night
I miss the cuddles and the spoons
So I turn on her favorite tunes
The sound of music in my ears
Helps to reduce the constant tears
I cannot sleep, try as I might
I’m not ok, but I’m alright

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