Happy Halloween Eve!

I am a pope, and Jean’s a nun
Brownie’s a cop without a gun
Raven’s a freaking astronaut
Linc isn’t cool with what he’s got
We may not have scary costumes
But as the kids ride witches brooms
To our front door to get their treat
Our neighbors must accept defeat
We have the best house on the block
And Charlie Brown still got a rock


Boris sent me

Vampires give a fright
Because they might bite
The poor ol’ mummy
His wardrobe’s crummy
Zombies don’t like grains
They’d rather eat brains
Invisible Man?
I’m not a big fan
Wolf man is scary
He’s so damn hairy
The Overlook’s ghost
Is not a good host
The creature has gills
He gives me the chills
I do not like ghouls
They’re grave robbing fools
Doc Victor is mean
His lab is not clean
His monster is green
He hates Halloween!


556, 557, 558…

Dogs are barking, and I can’t sleep
I Try my best to count the sheep
But thoughts into my head do creep
I think I’m there, but it’s not deep
At 3 am, I start to weep
Then suddenly, the alarm beep…


Vodka sunset > tequila sunrise

Another Central Coast sunset
Another view I won’t forget
The colors ‘cross the western sky
Will stay with me until I die



Thirty years since Marty McFly
Flew way up high into the sky
The car was Doc Brown’s time machine
They landed in Twenty Fifteen
The trilogy got some things right
But it could use a good rewrite
More internet less fax machine
Three Sharknados not Jaws 19
We did not get our hover boards
Self-lacing shoes, or clothes backwards
But that’s okay don’t be sour
When lightning strikes the clock tower
Make sure you’re going eighty-eight
‘Cause these movies are still real great


#2 beats ROY G BIV

In dankest night, in shit’s domain
No nostril can avoid my pain
If you can’t flush me down the drain
I’ll leave my mark – Brown Lantern’s Stain!


No shit? No shit!

Here I sit
Tried to shit
But only made a toot
Hear a shush
So I flush
And out of there I scoot


Plus Diet Mt. Dew

I love Taco Bell
Much better than Del
The tacos are swell
Burritos as well
On one thing I dwell
It makes my poo smell
Ninth circle of hell
I hate Taco Bell


Wearable technology

The bloke in a box
Can turn back the clocks
And fly to the end of the universe
He’s called the Doctor
Through time he does soar
To Cybermen and Daleks he’s a curse


Ditty for a doggie – Brownie Bear

He sits around like he just don’t care
That chromatic canine – Brownie Bear
He’ll eat your house into disrepair
A cast iron stomach – Brownie Bear
His policies are quite laissez faire
That political pooch – Brownie Bear
The backyard’s covered with his back hair
He’s a hirsute hounddog – Brownie Bear
He makes the room reek of derrière
That foul-smelling fido – Brownie Bear
Empty noggin, at a wall he’ll stare
Thick headed, tail wagger – Brownie Bear


I’m sure this is an epic fail

The letter person brings us mail
They also happen to be male
I gather water in my pail
The color of it is quite pale
I have a boat without a sail
Despite that fact it is for sale
A friend of mine just posted bail
He hit someone with a hay bale
I got pounded by sleet and hail
Which made me weak instead of hale
Although I do not have a tail
I hope you have enjoyed my tale


Costliest place on Earth

Their FASTPASS doesn’t solve long waits
They close more rides and raise their rates
The yearly passes cost a grand
Still we’re obsessed with Disneyland
When I was young, I loved to go
To ride the rides and watch a show
The park has changed a lot since then
I don’t think I’ll go back again


142 school shootings since Sandy Hook

Just stop it with the guns
That kill our girls and sons
Stop shootings in our schools
We need a set of rules
To stop gun deaths some day
We need to find a way

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