Uncanny granny

There once was a boy from Mulranny
Who always stayed home with his granny
He tripped on her skirt
Though he wasn’t hurt
He went blind when he saw her fanny


She’s Aoife to my Strongbow

Through Waterford I went a hiking
I saw some crystal and a Viking
A moment was seized
Jean’s ashes released
This place would have been to her liking


I’m leaving on a jet plane

Flying in an aeroplane
Can lead to tremendous pain
Way up in the friendly skies
Your ears start to pressurize
When the plane starts to descend
Chewing gum is your best friend
If your eardrums fail to pop
Try to suck on a cough drop
If that doesn’t do the trick
Blow your nose as if you’re sick
Thus endeth my travel tip
Write these down for your next trip


The emojis of grief

Without Jean, the house is silent
Makes my thoughts turn dark and violent
Without Jean, my heart is hollow
Makes me want to mope and wallow
Without Jean, I feel erratic
Makes me seem overdramatic
Thanks to Jean, I will hang in there
And wake from this daily nightmare


Is a dream a lie if it don’t come true?

I dreamed of Jean again last night
Her beaming smile so big and bright
Her pretty face, her curly hair
Those eyes that loved without a care
It was as if she was still here
Then I awoke and shed a tear
This happens every single day
I hope it never goes away


Another thing to make me sad

Last weekend tons of fun was had
The train and friends sure made me glad
But one thing happened that was bad
I left behind my black iPad



Hope your day is swell and happy
Better not be hell and crappy
If it’s more than you can handle
Burn an asshole with a candle

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