All we need is… A big win

They built Vegas in the desert
A lot of dreams on sand and dirt
Sweetie Pea and Honey Bunny
Went there to win stacks of money
They parked their car in the garage
And then saw Love at the Mirage
Cirque du Soleil with the Fab Four
Part rock concert, but so much more
A better show they can’t recall
A splendid time was had by all


I do they do we all do

Today the court is so supreme
They’ve made real what was once a dream
For many years many have fought
Now all who love can tie the knot


Played Pairs at PolyCon 33

At game cons there’s nothing finer
Than playing with the designer
Whether graybeard or a minor
No one wants to face a whiner


Flags don’t burn crosses

It has to be degenerates
That raise flags for confederates
“The flag ain’t racist by itself”
Said the bigot with hood on shelf
The Ku Klux Klan will try to hide
Their hatred behind rebel pride
Only rebel flag that mattered
Was the white flag, torn and tattered


Death by loud noises

The smoke alarm gives off small chirps
It wakes up Raven, and she “yerps”
She gets so scared from certain sounds
And then she bays like twenty hounds
The worst noises are fireworks
Set off at night by thoughtless jerks
Soon it will be 4th of July
This might kill her, and that’s no lie


Not so haute haiku

The door was open
Brownie ate Jean’s nice new shoes
I’m in the doghouse


Tried to sell what wasn’t his

That’s not good – window’s broke
Asshole drank all my Coke
Crushed my things pretty bad
Took my games – I’m so mad
Funny thing – he got caught
Must have smoked too much pot
Hope he’s shanked in his cell
Then a short trip to hell


Happy #LovingDay

We must never forget the facts
There was a time when whites and blacks
Could not live in a loving way
So we proclaim this loving day
And now we know it’s not a sin
To love despite color of skin
I hope there is a future where
When two marry we only care
Where they will spend their honeymoon
And not which one’s the bride or groom


That’s why I wear a hat

I’m pretty sure humidity
Increases the stupidity
The way that people talk and act
You’d think they all were smoking crack
It’s only moisture in the air
The most it does is fuck up hair


Thanks for everything Alan & Karla!

Our visitors were
Karla and Alan
Jean was the chauffeur
We drank a gallon
We tasted some more
A great way to spend
A fiesta for
Jean’s birthday weekend


Jean is 21… again

Happy birthday to my wife
She’s the best part of my life
She’s so smart and such a dish
Hope she gets her birthday wish



Greet the dawn with a yawn
This is how the day begins
Make a squirt, wash the dirt
Got to scrub off all my sins
Kiss my spouse, leave the house
Wave at Jerry, Phil and Bob
Stop and go, to and fro
Finally make it to my job
Nine to five, still alive
Did it all for little pay
Kiss my mate, life is great
Made it through another day


Doom and gloom

Cold and cloudy in the morn
Nice warm jackets do get worn
Blue skies in the afternoon
Welcome to the month of June

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