I have wood for sheep

Tomorrow I will #PlayMoreGames
I hope I get to play Codenames
Pandemic, Eclipse and Blood Rage
Caverna, Wiz War and Stone Age
There’s gobs of games that feature trains
Or Zombie Dice with eating brains
I’ll trade for wood, stone, sheep and clay
When I play games this Saturday!


Guess which one

I’ve seen a lot of live music
I’ve seen Rod Stewart and Cheap Trick
My very first was Men at Work
I’ve seen Meat Loaf, but he’s a jerk
I’ve seen Ringo, I’ve seen the Boss
Mötley Crüe was a total loss
I’ve seen Phil Collins and The Who
Paul Simon, Styx, Sting and U2
Elton John and Oingo Boingo
Weird Al Yankovic and Skid Row
The Rolling Stones were tons of fun
I’ve seen them all, except for one


She’s a dancing machine

I really love my sweetie Jean
From one to ten, she’s a fifteen
She’s super smart, her wit is keen
She makes the hard work seem routine
She’s a great cook, such fine cuisine
She perks me up more than caffeine
She’s always nice and never mean
I’m not a king, but she’s my queen


Hundred-to-one haiku

Delicious dinners
Fun friends, good gambling, swank shops
Vegas vacation


Just win baby!

Drove for miles across the desert
Hoping that I would hit pay dirt
Got some wins to pad my pocket
Blinged my hat, I’m gonna rock it!


Not a poo poem in sight

This happens every night
I don’t know what to write
I rhyme with all my might
But nothing comes out right
With page empty and white
I guess I’m not so bright


Technically he was a lich

Hiding eggs behind tomatoes
Lamb and ham and cheese potatoes
Peeps and candy bunnies please us
All because of Zombie Jesus


Art agitates art

The artist of the Charging Bull
Turns out to be a sexist fool
A Fearless Girl made him upset
She’s messing with his male mindset
His privilege is out of joint
The Fearless Girl says, “That’s the point!”


This looks Hela good!

Hammer shock
I predict lines ’round the block
Hulk and Thor
Go to war
This is what I’ve waited for!


War, huh, yeah

Those children need help not war
But Jizztrumpet slammed the door
Missiles flying through the air
Where they land he does not care
White men watch in the West Wing
Putin pulls his puppet’s string


Make America hate again

There once was a racist named Bannon
With Ku Klux he always was Klannin’
With his pointy hood
And cross made of wood
The flames of hate speech he was fannin’


#CapsOn #PlayBall

From Spring to Summer into Fall
The ump can’t wait to scream “Play ball!”
I got my glove, I got my hat
The whole crowd roars – Mike Trout’s at bat
The count is full, so is my hope
If Angels lose, I’ll cuss and mope
But if they win, I’ll beam and glow
I’ll light up like the big halo!
‘Cause win or lose, we know the score
161 games more

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