Crave crate for the grave

Eating White Castle for my lunch
Those sliders sure are fun to munch
There are no stores on the west coast
No fresh ones just frozen at most
No onion chips or chicken rings
I never get to eat those things
So here beside the microwave
I gorge into an early grave


Don’t do it baby

Don’t try to fix what is not broke
Don’t try to laugh if there’s no joke
Don’t swallow that if you may choke
Don’t buy elections Messrs. Koch


Drops mic

Sean writes and draws three times a week
He doesn’t have a good physique
He studied more than lifting weights
In High School he had zero dates
But still he has a gorgeous wife
Who’s happy with their way of life
His brains are better than his brawn
Sean is clever, so be like Sean


I = 1
Love = 4
You = 3

I give my Sweetie Pea
A big ol’ 143
That stands for “I love you”
Cause I’m her Sugar Pooh


You make ’em I’ll play ’em

My friends make games that I play test
They sell the games that are the best
They make games that are good and fun
I cannot wait for the next one


Thank you Dr. King!

Your dream inspired
A fight for equality
And a long weekend


Yippee ki-yay professor

We knew him as Gruber and Snape
From terrorist to wizard’s cape
Alan Rickman was many things
The voice of god with angel’s wings
He was the voice of Marvin too
He questioned Alice – “Who are you?”
“By Grabthar’s hammer” – his catchphrase
Will we miss Rickman? Yes – “Always”


If I win you win

1.5 billion with a B
Is much more than F U money
That’s up there with Buffett and Gates
So I’ll share some with all me mates


RIP The Man Who Sold the World

No more Space Oddity
No more The Jean Genie
No more Fame or Ziggy
No more David Bowie


Can’t wait for the fateful climax

Made sure to fill up their gun racks
But they forgot to pack some snacks
They planned to set up bivouacs
But they forgot to pack some snacks
They talk to God and laugh at facts
But they forgot to pack some snacks
They graze for free and don’t like tax
But they forgot to pack some snacks


What’s colder than cold? Ice cold!

Just cold water in the shower
Makes sure that my mood is sour
Drinking hot tea by the liter
Gotta fix the water heater


Vanilla ISIS is a bunch of babies

The “liberal” news has made an error
By not calling this an act of terror
I guess they don’t think armed white men cause fear
Even though they kill the most every year
Want to make America great again?
Don’t let the door hit you on your rear end


Good start to the year

2015 is gone
We wake up with a yawn
Many hours past dawn
As the morning drags on
Twilight Zone Marathon
New Year for Jean and Sean

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