A tough T-Rex named Tony
And a stoned whale named Stoney
Met at the air show in Bray
Then old Stoney and Tony
Saw a polka-dot pony
In a green field chewing hay
Tony then said to Stoney
“Here is my abalone
I must eat pony today!”
So the dinosaur crony
Watched the foul ceremony
Munching his seafood entree
That’s the story of Tony
And his stoned friend named Stoney
Gorging a path to Galway


730 Jean free days 💔

Two years ago I lost my wife
While others choose this day to weep
The end does not define her life
Her memory each day I keep


Thanks crazyblinddate.com

I remember well that summer night
When we first met from a dating site
Those eleven years have rambled on
Now I’m over here, and she is gone
Her absence is felt in every way
But I’m grateful for that fateful day
Although I still miss my Sweetie Pea
It’s not as dark as it used to be


Blue Monday

The day is coming
Two years since Sweetie Pea passed
I miss her so much


In that order

Get good wine – must imbibe
Get some spam – unsubscribe
Get bad breath – brush my teeth
Get some wood – find relief


Pain is for losers

When men are in pain
We sometimes complain
When that’s pointed out
We won’t scream or shout
We’ll keep it inside
And then people chide
We’ve bottled it in
So we cannot win
I guess we’ll refrain
From being in pain


Consistently inconsistent

It’s sunny – it’s raining – it’s sunny
This summertime weather is funny
It’s raining – it’s sunny – it’s raining
It’s different, but I’m not complaining


Book your stay

The craic was had this past weekend
I had a visit from a friend
They made new friends, and I did too
And next weekend it could be you


I was swallowing my pain

Will anybody else ever get me?
Or will I be eternally lonely?
‘Cause Sweetie Pea was my one and only
It’s possible I’m too complicated
And loving me might be overrated
But I don’t ever want to be hated
I hope that I can cause an attraction
That generates a joyous reaction
And brings us mutual satisfaction
Until then if I’ve caused pain or sorrow
In Kilkenny or Kilimanjaro
I promise to be better tomorrow


Brownie Joel

It’s one o’clock on a sunny day
Thinking about staying in
There’s a brown dog laying next to me
He wants to go walking again

He says, “Dad, can you please take me walking now?
Would you please put down your LEGOs?
‘Cause I’m good and I’m sweet and I need a nice treat
I need to sniff grass with my nose”

Ruf, ruf, ruf, barky bark
Ruf, ruf, barky bark ba-bark

Gimme a walk, I’m the Brownie Bear
Gimme a walk, please dad
‘Cause I love sniffing grass when it’s sunny out
And it makes me happy and glad”


They were the best days

I keep picking at the scab
Memories I want to stab
Need to clear up this malaise
And remember better days


Tomorrow let’s all meet again

Party weekend at Ryan’s bar
Let’s celebrate Arthur the star
Been serving drinks for fifteen years
Whole lotta bands – whole lotta beers
Music in front – garden in back
No matter where – there’s always craic
Fiddle, guitar, bodhrán and bass
Looking for fun? This is the place!


Fantastic flora and fauna

I’m helping Hagrid
Save Buckbeak and unicorns
A long walk improved


Will scream for ice cream

I scream
You scream
We all scream…
It’s about fucking time it’s hot enough in
Ireland to eat ice cream!

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