Happy Thanksgiving 2022

I’m thankful for family and friends
I’m thankful for family that are my friends
I’m thankful for friends that are my family
I’m thankful for living in Ireland
I’m thankful for living in Kilkenny
I’m thankful for living with Brownie, Linc and Jeanne
I’m thankful for 54 First Dates that didn’t work
I’m thankful for 1 First Date that did
I’m thankful for no more First Dates


At least he didn’t stab it

A nasty young man from Stab City
Would do things that weren’t very pretty
He once traveled east
And paid off a priest
To lick a Kilkenny nun’s kitty


It’s All-Ireland time

It’s time to plan our match watching bash
It’s time to see the clash of the ash
It’s time to hang the amber and black
It’s time for cats to get Liam back


I had a dream…

I’m in Kilkenny
Playing board games with my friends
The dream has come true


Christmas with the cats

It’s time for joy and festive cheer
But things are different this year
I could not get back to the states
So now I’ll spend it with me mates
They’re wearing black and amber hats
This year it’s Christmas with the cats
It’s not the same and that’s ok
I’ll celebrate a brand new way
Just like LA it won’t be white
But over here, the weather’s shite
My parents send me online chats
This year it’s Christmas with the cats
I want to party till it’s late
But this year pubs will close at eight
No ugly sweaters on display
No pub crawls on St. Stephen’s Day
I blame the feckin’ bureaucrats
This year it’s Christmas with the cats
I have to bring a biscuit tin
Or else my friends won’t let me in
The wine is mulled, the pudding’s plum
The pies have mince, yeah that sounds dumb
The yummy sweets – the tasty fats
This year it’s Christmas with the cats


Walk Brownie walk

Walked with Brownie really far
Walked downtown past Ryan’s Bar
We walked past outdoor cafes
People basking in sunrays
We saw shops with fish and meat
Brownie thought he’d earned a treat
We walked past the new skate park
And small dogs that always bark
We walked past a donut shop
Brownie wouldn’t let me stop
We saw people all around
Life returning to this town
We crossed bridges here and there
I walked far with Brownie Bear


420 is good for many reasons

Two years a cat
Imagine that
I’m hoping for
Fifty-two more


Seeing red

Hurling is rough
Gotta be tough
Smacked in the nose
That’s how it goes
Play really hard
Get a red card
Icing his bruise
Watch his team lose
Back in the town
Everyone’s down
But no one sneers
He still gets cheers


I was swallowing my pain

Will anybody else ever get me?
Or will I be eternally lonely?
‘Cause Sweetie Pea was my one and only
It’s possible I’m too complicated
And loving me might be overrated
But I don’t ever want to be hated
I hope that I can cause an attraction
That generates a joyous reaction
And brings us mutual satisfaction
Until then if I’ve caused pain or sorrow
In Kilkenny or Kilimanjaro
I promise to be better tomorrow


Tomorrow let’s all meet again

Party weekend at Ryan’s bar
Let’s celebrate Arthur the star
Been serving drinks for fifteen years
Whole lotta bands – whole lotta beers
Music in front – garden in back
No matter where – there’s always craic
Fiddle, guitar, bodhrán and bass
Looking for fun? This is the place!


Hole in the Wall Haiku

Welcome To…, Tsuro
Simon’s Cat and Zombie Dice
A fun night of games


Monday night sesh

Went in for a pint
Got music and history
At Hole in the Wall


Happy Stephen’s Day

Thank you for helping
Make Kilkenny my new home
Go raibh maith agat


Slán Abhaile

A visit from my old pal Scott
And he is here with Lana too
I’ve shown them all Kilkenny’s got
But now they have to bid adieu


They enjoyed Kilkenny

Vacation for my mom and dad
A splendid trip I hope they had
We ate and drank and had the craic
They went to Mayo and came back
We toured Kilkenny without rain
But now they’re leaving on a plane
Until I see them in twelve weeks
Ignore the tear stains on my cheeks


It’s about to get Irish as fuck

Leaves are turning brown
It’s autumn in Kilkenny
I’m a bit frightened


High Street haiku

Castle, cathedrals,
Pubs, cafes and narrow streets
What’s in your city?


Happy 50th SP! ❤

Happy birthday Sweetie Pea
Wish that you were here with me
In our house in Kilkenny
I’ll love you eternally


I’m a cat dammit!

It’s totally worth all the hassle
To get the keys to me own castle!
It’s totally worth every penny
I now own a house in Kilkenny!


Well done lad!

There once was a hurler named TJ
Whose Kilkenny Cats had a field day
The fans all adored
How often he scored
They queued up to give him a BJ


Just the tip

There was a strange man from Kilkenny
Who’d suck his own dick for a penny
The kind of a guy
Who’d blast in his eye
If given a ten or a twenny


The city animal is a pussy

There was a farmer from Kilkenny
The women he bedded were many
When there came a need
To scatter his seed
He realized he didn’t have any

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