USA is good at football

Team USA needed a win
But this football was not pigskin
And since Iran missed quite a few
A single goal puts the yanks through


The Late Late Toy Show

A TV presenter named Ryan
Shows kids toys that we should be buyin’
We look at that junk
To get good and drunk
And have a nice Saturday lie in


Happy Thanksgiving 2022

I’m thankful for family and friends
I’m thankful for family that are my friends
I’m thankful for friends that are my family
I’m thankful for living in Ireland
I’m thankful for living in Kilkenny
I’m thankful for living with Brownie, Linc and Jeanne
I’m thankful for 54 First Dates that didn’t work
I’m thankful for 1 First Date that did
I’m thankful for no more First Dates


Come on you mighty Bruins!

The trojans are our biggest rival
To beat them would mean Chip’s survival
If we keep the bell
That sure would be swell
And might start the program’s revival


I’m far from ecstatic

After working in the attic
Something happened quite dramatic
I tripped and gave my head a bash
And now I have a bloody gash


Funny film Friday

Linc is on my lap, Brownie’s on my right
Think we’ll watch a film, on this chilly night
Jeanne is on my left, with a glass of wine
Blankets on our legs, everything is fine


Bell, book and Brownie

We plant a birch along with vine
And hope the two will intertwine
So that our future will be fine
With some of hers and some of mine
Our distinct piles start to combine
We take it as a perfect sign
That what we have is genuine
And pour another glass of wine


In 3D

It’s time to get weird
Watching the life story of
Alfred Yankovic


Wait till he charges per tweet

To Musk, free speech comes at a price
It will now cost to spew advice
If you prefer a big blue tick
You’ll pay eight bucks to that rich prick

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