‪#‎PlayMoreGames‬ ‪#‎InternationalTabletopDay‬

Tabletop day is Saturday
Break out the games, and let’s all play
Tell Cliff that you have wood for sheep
Nick gains money during upkeep
With purple trains, Jon makes the route
Gregg’s a Cylon, there is no doubt
Tom’s in Essen to find a cure
Luke has the King, I know for sure
If none of this makes any sense
Go play a game, they’re so intense
Maybe you’ll win or make a friend
You’ll find the fun will never end


We’re all better without Trump

I’m all out of fucks
I don’t care about Trump
I know he’s a mess and has been for so long
I’m all out of fucks
I’m better without Trump
It’s never too late to see that he is so wrong


Congrats mom & dad!

When getting hitched you say, “I do”
It’s easy too, when it’s brand new
While some succeed, way more do fail
Till death seems like a fairytale
My parents did what most cannot
They meant it when they tied the knot
So raise a glass, and give three cheers
They celebrated fifty years!!!


I hope he’s laughing in the purple rain

Delirious, Controversy,
Take me with U, Let’s Go Crazy,
Purple Rain, Erotic City
Soft and Wet and Darling Nikki
From Hollywood to Paisley Park
On pop music, Prince left his mark
Oh purple one, we say goodbye
And now it’s more than doves that cry


He should have got high

24 states think pot’s legit
The other states are full of shit
Tricky Dick said there’s no good use
The war on drugs needs a toke truce
Just think of what the states could do
With all that weed tax revenue
It should be dropped from number one
For patient use or just for fun



Today is about income tax
I’m sure it causes heart attacks
It’s nice to get a big refund
But when you owe you may be stunned
These AGI’s and 1040’s
Can bring a man down to his knees
There’s nothing like the pain and stress
Of dealing with the IRS


Pull my finger

I’m looking through my works of art
It’s clear I’ve spoken from my heart
Some are stupid, and some are smart
But the best ones all mention fart


Farting like comedy is all about timing

I’ve held a secret in my heart
I killed a woman with my fart
The poor young lady’s life did pass
After inhaling noxious gas
It was my putrid aroma
That put her into a coma
You’ll never know quite how I felt
As I did watch her features melt
I’ll never forget that sweet lass
Who met her end by sour ass
Keeping that secret was quite smart
But better to have held that fart


Puffy puffy passy

Puffy clouds up in the sky
Some are low, and some are high
Some are gray, and some are white
Will it rain? I think it might


I’m lost without you

I was like a maniac
Jean was gone, but now she’s back
She can calm my inner freak
She’s my savior, so to speak


Let’s make that total go higher!

There’s a game called Energy Empire
To win, buildings you’ll need to acquire
Forge an engine that all will admire
Overpollute and your plans backfire
There’s no traitor or need to conspire
The countries are real, there ain’t no Shire
You might encounter nuclear fire
Tough decisions might make you perspire
This Kickstarter is one to desire
So back this game and be the next buyer


Play ball! #CapsOn

It is only Spring
But today is all about
The boys of Summer


International Trump day

Brownie and Raven are good dogs
On weekends, we go riding hogs
I want to move to the UK
I want to work all night and day
Trojans and Yankees are my faves
Olives and mushrooms are my craves
Corned Beef is the best Irish food
That Kanye West is one cool dude
I like DC more than Marvel
I like life forms that were larval
The best rock group is Fleetwood Mac
My life is planned by zodiac
Tom Cruise told me about Xenu
It fits right in with my world view
As president, Trump has the tools
If you believe this – April Fools!

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