Food is sofa king good!!!

Small tater tots and double cheese
A linguica and large coke please
Tom’s Take Out rules that’s why I say
I want to eat there every day


I’m pretty tea’d off

Every morning after I pee
I can’t wait to imbibe my tea
Weekday weekend doesn’t matter
Drink until it fills my bladder
If I happen to go without
I’ll be angry and then I’ll pout
Hot, iced, green, black and even chai
I’m drinking tea until I die


Go back to Univision

There is a reporter named Jorge
He’s awesome and he deserves more pay
He interviewed Trump
And proved Don’s a chump
Today should be Ramos adore day


My back teeth were floating

My speed machine
Flies through the green
Light goes yellow
Cannot mellow
Go straight ahead
Right through the red
Here comes a cop
Not gonna stop
He cannot see
Too much iced tea
I have to pee!


12-16 weeks, then see ya!

Gonna get me a passport
Gonna make me a citizen
Gonna sell the old escort
Gonna stop watching CNN
I’m gonna get me a passport
Moving to my father’s land
I’m gonna start watching the sport
Where they do not use their hand


My anaconda don’t want none

How do birds whistle when then don’t have lips?
Why won’t wales land walk when they do have hips?
How do rock lobsters go to sleep on rocks?
Why don’t snakes fuck more since they have two cocks?


Ain’t I a catch?

My list of fails is still growing
Rarely am I easy going
I wash whites and darks together
I’ve been known to wear green pleather
When it’s pee, I neglect flushing
On weekends, I’ll skip teeth brushing
Don’t know when my nails need clipping
I am flawed, but don’t be tripping


How Brownie sees the world

It’s the greatest day ever
It’s the greatest day since yesterday
It’s the greatest day ever
Throw the ball to me I want to play
It’s the greatest day ever
I can’t wait until I get to eat
It’s the greatest day ever
I’ve been good so please give me a treat
It’s the greatest day ever
Here’s that toy that you let me borrow
It’s the greatest day ever
I’m super happy ’bout tomorrow!


That’s my blue flame special

If you’re going to the store
This will make it less a bore
Try to get the squeaky cart
No one hears you when you fart


8/8 was great!

The car was packed, we got some gas
A long four hour drive
Reunion for my high school class
From 1985
The year before and after too
Coyotes on the prowl
We didn’t sing awoo-awoo
Or give our mighty howl
I missed the ones that were not there
And even some that were
The bully jock that’s losing hair
I talked with him for sure
The pretty girls are women now
The boys are full grown men
We had some drinks and ate some chow
We spoke of now and then
The best part of the night for me
John Hufferd was there too
He means a lot to so many
To him we say thank you!
Like all good things it had to end
I looked back through the door
My real life pal or facebook friend
Let’s not wait thirty more


We are the mighty coyotes

Tomorrow will be 30 years
Since last I saw my high school friends
We’ll have some laughs and drink some beers
I hope the party never ends


This is only a test

There once was an old TV station
That broadcast all over the nation
The staff was let go
Now they have no dough
All thanks to a big corporation


Hike for health haiku

Walking down the street
Hand in hand we exercise
Our nightly parade

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