Show me your moon

When I see the moon at night
I know everything’s all right
When the moon is out at dawn
I know that I can go on
When it’s in the afternoon
I know that it came too soon
When there is no moon at all
I crumple into a ball


That’s how I want the game to be

On Saturday ’bout half past three
As Sark sips his peach daiquiri
There’ll be a Bruin victory
Another loss for ol’ $c
That will beget malicious glee
I’d put that ‘neath our christmas tree


Nobody’s business but the Turks

Flies too close, and gets shot down
Happy Turkey Day


#2 team in L.A.

Tommy Trojan went to town
A-riding in his beamer
Stopped off for a chili dog
But got a Cleveland Steamer
Tommy Trojan kept it up,
Thanks to his nose candy
Afterwards he got locked up
And had to give a handy


I love my own misfortune

My Facebook friends fill me with rage
And yet I still scroll down the page
I suffer from self misery
Like Schadenfreude just for me


Don’t be a heartless bastard

The refugee criteria
Should not be changed for Syria
Those who thwart the huddled masses
Will be known as huge jackasses


Don’t feed the trolls

I won’t agree to disagree
When you’re as thick as a beech tree
And beech trees have the hardest wood
So being thick is not too good
And don’t use “to” when you mean “too”
A fourth grader knows more than you
If arguing is your sole goal
Get out of here you fucking troll!


Fight! Fight! Fight!

First game of the year
Gonna yell and cheer
This never gets old
Let’s go blue and gold!


Good thing his nose is pink

We could not find our little cat
We did not know where he was at
We checked outside, he was not there
He wasn’t in his favorite chair
We searched upstairs and then searched down
He could be anywhere in town
We called his name, “Where are you Linc?”
We found him in our bathroom sink


There’s no war on Christmas

Excessive fuss for a red cup
Those noisemakers should just shut up
When it’s a solo filled with beer
There are no gripes ’bout Christmas cheer
They whine and moan; it’s so misplaced
That energy is such a waste
They worry ’bout coffee that’s spiced
When they don’t ever act like Christ


Happy or hungry?

You seem excited to see me
Do you need food or want to pee?
Perhaps you thought that we were dead
And worried how you would get fed
How did you spend your time today?
Did you destroy or did you play?
There’s no debris, so I conclude
That I will give you some wet food


Have a bite haiku

The sun sets slowly
Coyote slinks in the field
Squirrel is dinner


Happy birthday dad!!!

There once was a Paddy from Mayo
Who moved to the US of A oh
He married a wife
And later in life
Three boys made his hair go all gray-o

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