The geek awakens

The Star Wars trailer is a tease
But frame by frame this geek will freeze
A stormtrooper on Tattooine
Then a ball droid in the next scene
More stormtroopers upon a ship
A girl giving someone the slip
Rebel pilot flies an X-wing
More lens flare from the lens flare king
The lightsaber is red, not blue
And then my favorite music cue
The freaking Falcon flies again!
As teases go, this one’s a ten


Helping immigrants – what a concept

Eating way too much
And fighting with loved ones
Happy Thanksgiving!


Open your damn eyes!

This country should be indicted
The legal system is blighted
Powers that be are shortsighted
What is wrong needs to be righted
Many sparks have been ignited
Everyone should be invited
And we all must stand united
Don’t let this go unrequited


20-38 is great

I will worry the week before
Worried until the final score
No need to worry anymore
Hundley’s first pass made me go numb
But then he made $c look dumb
The Bruins beat the Trojan scum
The week began with hope and fear
And then we beat a foe so near
We keep the bell another year!


Keep the bell blue!

There once was a clutch of $c girls
They looked so pretty, their hair in curls
They earned their degrees
While down on their knees
And they wore necklaces made of pearls


His best friend is a horse

There once was a Trojan named Tommy
Those who knew him thought he was balmy
He played with a sword
Hygiene he ignored
And he lived at home with his mommy


Paint the Rose Bowl blue

I hope Hundley and the offense
Choose not to make the game so tense
They should score often and early
Putting up points hurly burly
I hope that the Mighty Bruins
Can leave Southern Cal in ruins
That’d be a heck of a show
Here’s hoping for three in a row


We beat the blind idiot god

We filled our co-op gaming itch
With a horror that is eldritch
Azathoth was the Great Old One
Jim went insane, but we weren’t done
By solving the third mystery
The Outer God was history


Bald on top but furry all over

If on top they’re bald or thinning
It’s a battle they’re not winning
If their forehead is a five head
When they blush, it all turns bright red
Remember they didn’t choose it
Rarely do they want to lose it
Avoid pointing and do not stare
It’s not their fault they have no hair


Thanks for serving

This day honors those who serve
It’s a privilege they deserve
To protect the USA
We all get a holiday
So we drove around to see
The greatness of our country
We saw nature – oh the feels
Zebras and elephants seals
Hawks and Canadian Geese
A beautiful world at peace
I feel like I’m in heaven
This day goes to eleven


Bedtime for bozos

Raven and Brownie normally roil
But when exposed to essential oil
They essentially roll up and snore
Essence of oil is all we hoped for



I’m proud to be a Hufferd Taught Kid
Senior Film is the best thing he did
Film cameras and a splicing machine
Our High School Yearbook on the big screen
Teacher and coach for Debate and Speech
We battled against schools near the beach
In English we learned of Ambrose Bierce
Huff and my dad once threw back some beers
Teacher, coach, leader, mentor and friend
He’s taken a spill, he needs to mend
So get well soon Huff, I say this loud
I’m a Hufferd taught kid, and I’m proud


Two years of veto

The results made me mad
Two out of three is bad
I know they hate the one
Still nothing will get done


Obligatory Madonna and Judy Garland reference

Everybody knows
The pride parade goes
Over the rainbows
Then they strike a pose


Happy 73 dad!

Happy birthday dad
Since I was a lad
You’ve been pretty rad
Even when I’m bad
You don’t get too mad
Happy birthday dad

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