Linc freed himself

It’s no joke
Screen was broke
Linc got out
Made us shout
Where’d he go?


Breathe deep the gathering gloom

Breathe in, breathe out, tense up, relax
Good for the necks, good for the backs
Out through the mouth, in through the nose
Removes your stress from head to toes


Red light
Green light
Red light
Fuck you!

Every red light
No green in sight
Every red light
Try as I might
Every red light
So I turn right
Every red light
Both day and night
Every red light
Knuckles are white
Every red light
My lips I bite
Every red light
Give up the fight
Every red light
Finally no slight
Every red light
I’m home – alright!


And a full house

They wanted kids but had bad odds
Instead of one, they got the quads
The cutest kids you’ll ever find
Tiff and Frank have four of a kind


1 or 2 have been good

What have you done
500 times?
Was it as fun
As my dumb rhymes?


Brave but not free

Scotland might be brave
But it isn’t free
They’ll go to the grave
With a dream to be


Young love is fickle

What happened to our teddy bears?
It’s like nobody even cares
The things we loved when we were small
Are in a closet down the hall


Good luck B & R

Big changes today for our news
Won’t matter if we don’t get views
I’m sure Bianca will be great
And Rafa’s gonna be first rate
But will our viewers ever know
‘Cause we forgot our new promo


Thanks Tom & Penny!

We got to hang with Tom Jolly
Played a lot of games by golly
Sailed from India to This Town
Builders until the sun went down
Discworld: Ankh-Morpork we enjoyed
In game theory I got destroyed
Penny BBQ’d our dinner
Flame broiled pizza was a winner
Sipping cider; eating a slice
Played Istanbul once and then twice
What a fun party to attend
A scorpion signaled the end
We packed our games into a box
On the way home we saw a fox


47 thanks to you

Thank you for your birthday wishes
The fun is done
The food was good
Now it’s time to wash the dishes


9/9 is pretty fine

Greetings from the Central Coast
Thank you for your birthday post
’twas two score and seven years
Doctor grabbed me by the ears
Mom bore down, doc gave a yank
Then the doc gave me a spank
Though my beard is going gray
Seems like it was yesterday


Please don’t wink

When I drink
I get pink
Past the brink
Hurl in sink
Make’s a stink
Home I slink
Didn’t think
Shouldn’t drink


What the frak?

My gaming friends came by tonight
To start it off we had a bite
We played one game of Battlestar
The humans won by moving far
I’ve not been Cylon in the past
And though we lost, it was a blast



This isn’t just affecting me
I know we all have OCD
It’s not just washing hands and such
It’s also counting things too much
Having pets might be rewarding
But 12 cats might mean you’re hoarding
Having a daily ritual
Is fine if not habitual
If your actions are excessive
If your feelings are obsessive
If your worries won’t go away
Your OCD is here to stay


Holy grail of birthday months

Let me get this off my chest
This might help if you are stressed
There’s no need to be depressed
Since my birthday is the best
Come with me and be my guest
Join me on this crazy quest
Welcome to Septemberfest!

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