I felt the Bern

Hens love roosters, geese love ganders
Liberals love Bernie Sanders
He’s fighting for the common man
Trump’s fighting for the Ku Klux Klan
While you work hard to pay your rent
Trump works hard for the one percent
Bernie wants free college for all
Trump says he’s building a free wall
They are white men with fluffy hair
But nowhere else do they compare


Racist cry of the teapublic

Remember when we made tea float?
Let’s make it great again!
Remember women couldn’t vote?
Let’s make it great again!
Remember having different seats?
Let’s make it great again!
Remember wearing long, white sheets?
Let’s make it great again!
Remember all the injun graves?
Let’s make it great again!
Remember when we all had slaves?
Let’s make it great again!
Remember we were number one?
Let’s make it great again!
Now get a hood, and grab your gun!
Let’s make it great again!


He shares memes of hatred and malice

There is an old geezer from Dallas
His home is a KKK palace
He is an old grump
Who’s voting for Trump
But secretly googles black phallus


‪#‎Hodor‬ ‪#‎HoldTheDoor‬

He did his job
He held the door
He made us sob
Goodbye Hodor


Hit them with their own panhandle

Oklahoma isn’t right
They’re misguided in their fight
By combining church and state
They’ve created fear and hate
Government should be for all
Yet they’re spiteful and banal
Church is where they should rejoice
Do not worry ’bout her choice
Do not worry if he’s gay
Oklahoma’s not OK


Or moist days

Most days I work to earn a buck
Most days my work is so the suck
Most days this puts me in a haze
I don’t think that I’ll miss most days


8 lines about 4 #GoT women

Arya said she had no name
But at night she says her list
Brienne was a bit too tall
Fights men off but never kissed
Cersei was her brother’s twin
And she has him by the balls
Dany was a dragon girl
She’s unburnt but not the Khals


What can brown do for you?

Something big is on the way
Hopefully it comes today
I’ve been planning for a while
Thinking ’bout it makes me smile
It’s arrival is not swift
Do not want to rush this gift
Trying not to strain or push
‘Cause I have a touchy tush


Designed in 1977 by Steve Jackson

Infantry and tanks
All converge on the OGRE
Small game made bigger


Tormund says he is small below

There was a know nothing named Snow
Whose girlfriend shot him with a bow
His brothers did stab
Left him on a slab
At picking friends he’s just so-so


I can’t live without her

Jean is away – she’s gone for work
I stumble ’round like a big jerk
The dogs are dead, cat ran away
She has been gone for one whole day
We’re out of food and no clean clothes
I showered with the garden hose
The house burned down at half past noon
I really hope she comes back soon


May the 4th be with you

There once was a man named Darth Vader
Who built a golden robot traitor
A long time ago
He made 3PO
Who turned his back on his creator


I should masticate more

If you are squeamish, I must warn
I’m going to write about poo corn
It’s always there, it never leaves
Just seeing it gives me dry heaves
I’m not a dope, I’m not a fool
I don’t know why corn stays in stool
It starts it’s life grown on an ear
And ends up coming our your rear

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