So long 2015!

2016 is almost here
It’s time to look back on the year
In Paris there were two attacks
White lives don’t matter less than blacks
ISIS proceeds to terrorize
And mass shootings are on the rise
Another Bush; Trump wants a wall
The Right has no one good at all
Glad Star Wars fans around the block
Sad Star Trek fans lost Mr. Spock
Australia was a lot of fun
Then Jean and I toured Hobbiton
Later we lost Eugene and Lou
But now there’s one more thing to do
So raise your glass and give a cheer
It’s time to say, “Happy New Year!”


Save me some tots!

Tom’s Take-out is soon changing hands
Just two more days for us tot fans
Now Mike, Mimi, Michael and Mark
Can spend the day at Waller Park
No more burgers served up with cokes
No more will we hear dirty jokes
Their run was great, but now it ends
At least they made a ton of friends


Tiny Tim like Xmas poem

I have no time
To make a rhyme
I hope those deer
Are warm and near


Airing of grievances

Birthday for Christ
Gifts overpriced
The rest of us
Have Festivus


Return of the spoilers

Star Wars fans got Christmas early
The new Jedi’s kind of girlie
The Falcon and Luke’s lightsaber
Made me cheer and nudge my neighbor
Han and Chewie shooting bad guys
I won’t spoil the biggest surprise
From Finn to Poe to BB-8
I think the movie’s pretty great


So happy for wars in the stars

Nerds and fanboys are in heaven
No more wait for Star Wars VII
Jocks, jerks, Jedis, and Jamaicans
Get to see The Force Awakens
Never thought we’d see these sequels
Hope they’re better than the prequels
Not sure which show I can go to
Post a spoiler, I’ll unfriend you!


Rest in peace Gene Jr.

He was Eugene just like his dad
And as a dad, he was not bad
Bill, Jean, Delise, Phillip and Lynn
Had seen him through both thick and thin
To many he was Teeterpoo
But now it’s time to bid adieu
Uncle, brother, cousin and friend
Our love for Gene will never end


The Dutch oven of your dreams

The big meal that I just ate
Makes me want to hibernate
It was fun to masticate
Now it’s time to flatulate


We’ll miss you grams

The call I dreaded came today
My grandmother has passed away
The ripe old age of 91
A long lived life, but now it’s done


Our gun problem leaves me aghast

More and more flags are at half mast
To honor victims that have passed
I hope that when it is my day
The flag is up, and not half way



It’s December, but it’s autumn
Weather has not hit rock bottom
Toes and fingers might start numbing
Two more weeks then winter’s coming


Not cloying or annoying

Instead of playing mean mind games
We give each other silly names
I really love my Sweetie Pea
I know she is the best for me
I love that I’m her sugar pooh
She loves that she’s my sugar moo
I’m sorry if this is too sweet
But love like this is pretty neat


We need to deactivate the shooters

You can’t take away my guns
Though it kills our moms and sons
I need guns to protect me
Or to stop a shooting spree
Disregard that I’m untrained
My skill set is self-ordained
If I interfere with SWAT
One less nut when I get shot

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