Mediate liberate liberate

It’s all my fault, but please don’t hate
I hope that you were not irate
My Sunday poem was too late
It wasn’t posted on the date
I knew that it would be my fate
It’s easy to procrastinate
It isn’t easy to create
But I don’t want to make you wait
I think that you all can relate
Though they don’t have to be that great
The deadline should not deviate
I still feel bad at any rate



Hodor Hodor Hodor Hodor H
Odor Hodor Hodor Hodor Ho
Dor Hodor Hodor Hodor Hod
Or Hodor Hodor Hodor Hodo
R Hodor Hodor Hodor Hodor


Hard-working haiku

Lunchtime is worktime
A slave to the job am I
Tears flowing down cheek


Jury’s still out

I am serving jury duty
Hope I don’t get jury cootie
First guy seated on the jury
Smells like last night he ate curry
Second juror can’t stop coughin’
She coughs loud, and she coughs often
The third to sit is a fat dude
The fourth girl has some attitude
Number five seems like he’s crazy
Juror six is young and lazy
I am worried about seven
Says she talks to God in heaven
The guy in eight does not look fine
But not as bad as juror nine
Number ten is an old lady
Eleven looks slim and shady
And he’s wearing something furry
Hope I don’t get on this jury


Don’t mock the imp at your own wedding

There once was a boy in King’s Landing
Whose wife was better at glad handing
On their wedding day
There was some foul play
Which most viewers thought was outstanding


What’s cooking on Cook?

Tonight was a big winner
We hosted friends for dinner
First ones there were Kath and Gabe
Then came Stephanie and Dave
We chowed down on some tri-tip
While we had some wine to sip
Then we played some Zombie Dice
Jean won once, but I lost twice
Doesn’t matter, fun was had
Thanks for coming to our pad!


Or whooping cough, or asthma, or …

If I do not stop coughin’
I’ll end up in a coffin
Though I hack, I do not sneeze
My doctor says it’s allergies
I don’t think it’s hay fever
But it’s not a cold neither
I don’t know what’s wrong with me
I just hope it’s not TB


There’s a dog and a fish and a cat in my hat

There’s a doggy on her bed
Sitting with her empty head
There’s a kitty on a box
Filled with underwears and socks
There’s a fishy in his bowl
Glad he’s not a sushi roll
Now it’s time to feed out pets
Beats a visit to the vets
They’re still fun though hardly new
Raven, Linc and Ziggy too


I like Jean’s butt and I cannot lie

It’s my mission – my duty
To illustrate your beauty
You’re a cutie patootie
With a very fine booty
I am extremely lucky
To call you my Sweetie Pea
My love to the nth degree
You are everything to me


That’s so Junior High

I’m the kind of guy
Who loves to eat pie
I wish I could buy
An endless supply
But when they are dry
I suddenly cry
With tears in my eye
I wipe them and sigh
I cannot deny
This is not a lie
As George says, “Oh my!”


Please share #StickPersonPoetry

I think I’m hilarious
Because of the various
Things that I post
I might be delusional
I know I’m unusual
This is no boast
I really would like to get
Some fame on the internet
From coast to coast
It would mean a lot to me
To share my dumb poetry
You’d be the most!


Motivational poetry

If you fear the reaper knocking
Get out there and do some walking
Not only will it clear your head
It may put off you being dead



Forbidden Island and What the Food?!
And Monty Python Fluxx – it’s all good
Somebody wore clothes a bit risqué
We played more games at #tabletopday


Time for a change?

How long do you stay the course?
Should you back a losing horse?
When should you abandon ship?
How long do you keep your grip?
Are you just a whipping post?
When should you give up the ghost?
Is this tunnel a dead end?
Will the damage ever mend?


But I do root for the Angels

I’ve been the butt of many jokes
But I won’t fall for any hoax
I don’t belong to a think tank
But you’ll still find me hard to prank
I’ve never been a master sleuth
But I won’t believe your untruth
I’ve been a nerd since grammar school
But I am not the April Fool

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