Every job ever

Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait,
Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait,
Hurry the fuck up!


Freshen up with Putin Pourri

He blocked the news, he’s crossed the line
His every move is asinine
He builds a wall to bring jobs back
“Protecting us from an attack”
He hates muslims, he hates the gays
He’ll bring about the end of days
We can’t believe a word he speaks
He’s done all this in just five weeks


Share that shit!

Are you providing new content
Or hoping memes show your dissent?
If all you do is click on share
I question if you really care
Don’t simply share, please add your thoughts
Help simpletons connect the dots
And one last thing I beg of you
If you do share, share my shit too!


She left in a cloud of farts

There once was a black dog named Raven
To greet you her tail would be wavin’
She had one good trick
But then she got sick
No longer she’ll be misbehavin’


I cunt believe it

At work on Friday
No work on Monday
Is it wrong to say
See you next Tuesday?


This is treason, I’m not teasin’

Most would say it stands to reason
What Flynn did was surely treason
Now our Congress needs to squeeze in
This before impeachment season


Share this with your valentine

I love pizza, I love steak
I love spooning while we wake
I love boardgames, I love books
I love sharing our outlooks
I love cider, I love wine
I love that you’re genuine
I love everything we do
I love everyday with you


Eat, poo, love

Fuffle had one job to do
And she did it well enough
Tumors changed to truffle poo
Made this journey not so tough


Sycophant Spicer

There once was a lackey named Spicer
Who never said “no” but “aye, aye sir!”
When told to read lies
He squinted his eyes
And asked for the press to be nicer


Inspired by Peter Paul & Mary

Fuffle the Dragon will get you cancer free
So you can live a happy life and be a Sweetie Pea
Little Jeannie wore her on a silver chain
So she could do the normal stuff free from all that pain


Eat them up – yum!

There once was a dragon named Fuffle
Who lived in the side of a rough hill
It’s not a rumor
She’ll eat your tumor
And poo it out to make a truffle


Make beer, not war

If you like beer and board games too
Then you should Kickstart Dragon Brew
You choose your favorite mythic race
Then draft some cards and worker place
It’s fun to play and not a chore
So back it to “Make Beer, Not War!”

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