Sean-Con 2019

They say you can’t go home again
But I went back and met a friend
A second friend! A third! A fourth!
So many friends I have up north
We played some games and ate good food
Which put me in a happy mood
I had some wine they drank some beer
Can’t wait to do again next year


730 Jean free days 💔

Two years ago I lost my wife
While others choose this day to weep
The end does not define her life
Her memory each day I keep


I left at 4:20

This house is full of memories
Of sugar poohs and sweetie peas
The good times far outweigh the bad
But lately all I’ve felt is sad
The things are gone, the walls are bare
And melancholy fills the air
I turn the key and lock the door
I won’t be going back no more


Traffic was not good this Friday

That was a long drive
Goodbye Santa Maria
Hello Buena Park


So long stuff

The time has come, today’s the day
I’ve packed my stuff, it’s gone away
This empty house, where once was cheer
Is hollow now, without my gear
As I chill with Brownie and Linc
I think of friends, and raise my drink
To Sweetie Pea, I love you most
The sun sets on the Central Coast


Louie, Louie you’re gonna cry

I once saw a man in Salinas
Who wouldn’t stop stroking his penis
Away I did race
He quickened his pace
And covered the distance between us


Alamo Creek Fire

All the hills are brown and dry
Temperatures are way too high
All it takes is one small spark
Burning branches, leaves, and bark
Mother Nature starts to cry
Smoke and ashes fill the sky
Most within have quickly fled
Those that didn’t are soon dead


Everybody spread the word

Last weekend we did celebrate
Jean’s fond farewell to forty-eight
We drove up north to watch a play
And spent the night in Morro Bay
The drive was smooth, the weather fine
We ate good food and drank great wine
So many friends to hang out with
To honor her this June the Fifth
She’s so awesome, I have to say
We should make this a holiday


The weather is exactly as planned

We will fly up in the air
We will go from here to there
We will go from nice and warm
To a place that loves to storm
Here it’s 80 Fahrenheit
Then a Trans-Atlantic flight
What is waiting there for us?
Rain and zero Celsius


Come back soon!

My parents came for a short while
We toured the Central Coast in style
The afternoon was clear and warm
The calm before the coming storm
We walked the beach and saw monarchs
And rambled past local landmarks
I’d like to thank my mom and dad
A better time we’ve never had!


Vodka sunset > tequila sunrise

Another Central Coast sunset
Another view I won’t forget
The colors ‘cross the western sky
Will stay with me until I die


Wish you were here

The third planet from the Sun is Earth
From Paris to Pismo Beach to Perth
April Twenty Two
Is a day for you
To consider the world’s future worth


LOL’d at Blackhawks

Tom and Lourdes came to visit
The good times were quite exquisite
We started with the butterflies
The Rib Line had beach balls and fries
We drove around to taste some wine
About that time, we felt real fine
Joe Daddy was in the Casa
We ate tortas like a boss-a
Then played Dixit and Zombie Dice
About that time, sleep sure was nice
Waffles made from cinnamon rolls
Accompanied by fruit in bowls
Sent T and L off on their way
We did all that in just one day!


It’s beginning to look a lot like Santa Maria

There is a cute house on East Cook Street
There ain’t no sugar, but it looks sweet
A buck, doe and fawn
Decorate the lawn
And lights on the roof that look real neat


9/9 is pretty fine

Greetings from the Central Coast
Thank you for your birthday post
’twas two score and seven years
Doctor grabbed me by the ears
Mom bore down, doc gave a yank
Then the doc gave me a spank
Though my beard is going gray
Seems like it was yesterday


Bacon gouda was very good… ah

If you want a place to park it
Go to AG’s Comfort Market
I think they have the best grilled cheese
All their food will certainly please
Go to Comfort and see Kari
If you don’t, you will be sorry


Hot enough to fry an egg…

78 at nine
Some people think that’s fine
But on the Central Coast
That’s when we start to roast
Ninety seven at noon
That’s when we start to swoon
When it’s still hot at night
It makes us feel like shite
We’ll all be in sorrow
If hotter tomorrow
We’ll be wearing a frown
If it doesn’t cool down


All that and a chili dog too

Tonight is our Christmas soiree
For the folks I work with all day
It’s over in Oceano
To see a variety show
With all the popcorn we can eat
This X-mas party won’t be beat


Harvest haiku

Leaves are turning brown
And here on the Central Coast
Grapes are getting crushed


Being green costs a lot of green

Tesla was once known for a coil
Now it’s a car that needs no oil
I saw one in Los Alamos
For that town, it was grandiose
No place for an electric car
Owned by an aging movie star
Getting drunk in a wine-fueled haze
Kind of like that movie Sideways
Is the car about being green
Or do you get it to be seen?
Electric cars are close at hand
But this one is a hundred grand!


Highway 101 haiku

Fields of grapes and grass
Fly by the window until
The valley of smog


Don’t give her Play Doh

There once was a woman from Orcutt
She was crazy, a bit of a nut
She found a huge box
Full of Lego blocks
Which she built in the shape of a butt


Danish Doxy

There once was a woman from Solvang
Who was looking for a guy to bang
She found some nice dudes
Without attitudes
But she’d still rather have a big wang


Take-off zebra baby

Today did not have a hassle
I saw zebras at a castle
Jean delighted my afternoon
So here is a silly cartoon


Central Coast FTW!

Sunday drive isn’t a hassle
We saw zebras at Hearst Castle
Elephant seals on the shoreline
Dad tasted beer while we had wine
Filet mignon and garlic toast
Mother’s Day on the Central Coast


Horticulture haiku

Migrant workers run
Through endless strawberry fields
The rich get richer


Time for a good blow

All of the way to Grover
These gusts will knock you over
It is Sofa King windy
It would blow off your bindi


High pressure haiku

Summery Spring day
On the Central Coast becomes
Wintery Spring night


Dammit Mamet

Arroyo Grande is to AG
As Los Angeles is to LA
AG Village has a lot to see
There’s a wine bar and even a play


Herbaceous haiku

Traffic races past
The purple lupine flowers
In fields of green grass


And she went adios

There was an old man from Cayucos
Who never had sex, but he came close
A chick was willing
To do some drilling
But his derrick was too grandiose

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