Guardians of the Christmas Tree

Drax and Mantis stage a break-in
And they kidnap Kevin Bacon
In the end they kind of botch it
But I think you still should watch it


Spam egg sausage and spam

Check your spam, check your spam
Yes, of course I sent it ma’am
We have problems sending emails
And I swear it’s not a scam
Yes, I did – I don’t kid
I will bet you twenty quid
Though it was marked as suspicious
My email was not malicious
Open it, take a chance
I assure you in advance
You must have a real careful filter program
Go on, and check your folder
Just do as I told ya
Check your spam, oui your spam, check your spam!


Winnie’s the shit

There once was a Pooh bear named Winnie
He was pretty chubby not skinny
And I must admit
That Pooh is the shit
If you don’t like Pooh, you’re a ninny!


That flick with his tail – quite a tricky

There once was a rodent named Mickey
Who asked Minnie Mouse for a quickie
She laughed in his face
That being the case
He banged Betty Boop with his dickey


Goofy for LEGO Disney

I’m working on my LEGO train
It helps to make me less insane
With Mickey, Minnie, Chip and Dale
This Disney train is off the rail
It even has a Goofy too
And 18 bags until I’m through
Around the tracks the cars will cruise
To help allay my Rona blues


730 Jean free days 💔

Two years ago I lost my wife
While others choose this day to weep
The end does not define her life
Her memory each day I keep


We have all done this

Clean clean clean clean clean
My parents will be here soon
Clean clean clean clean clean


Costliest place on Earth

Their FASTPASS doesn’t solve long waits
They close more rides and raise their rates
The yearly passes cost a grand
Still we’re obsessed with Disneyland
When I was young, I loved to go
To ride the rides and watch a show
The park has changed a lot since then
I don’t think I’ll go back again


See you real soon

How important is it that
I draw pictures to look at?
Do you need it all the time
Even if it doesn’t rhyme?
Would it ever dawn on you
If I missed a day or two?
I’ll just leave this poem here
While I draw a Mouseketeer


Banksy even tagged our wall

Justin Bieber egged our house
Got TP’ed by Mickey Mouse
Left Eye tried to burn us down
Neighbors always wear a frown
Someone left a burning bag
Smelled so bad it made us gag
If our neighbors don’t improve
Think that we will have to move


Disney + Star Wars = So Many ???

When it comes to cool, there is no equal
Han solo is tops, but why a prequel?
Disney should think twice about who they cast
Channing or Taylor would leave me aghast
Perhaps Michael Cera could play young Han
Selling bananas out of a Tauntaun
Donald Glover as Lando would make sense
Just thinking about this is so intense
Mostly I wonder how they’ll screw it up
The Star Wars version of 2 Girls 1 Cup
To those involved, if you don’t get it right
You should all be frozen in carbonite


Use the cash Luca$

Disney is doing what Lucas wouldn’t
But some fanboys think the mouse house shouldn’t
They picked a guy that penned a Toy Story
Will he bring the franchise back to glory?
Does Star Trek helmer know about the force?
Luke should never say, “Sulu, plot a course!”
Lastly, the prequels were so full of suck
They will need a kiss from Leia “for luck”

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