A callous phallus

The old man next door is a meanie
A fascist just like Mussolini
He’s no treats just tricks
This ghoul has no fix
He suffers from small hollow weenie


He plundered her booty

There once was a pirate named Aodhán
Who had a real knack for pursuadin’
A fine Irish lass
To show him her ass
And then he’d commence with invadin’


Meeples > Top Hats

Someone blended “my” and “people”
And that portmanteau was “meeple”
Gamers love them – wood or plastic
Some are simple – some fantastic
Fighters, wizards, thieves and clerics
Dinos, pirates, and oil derricks
You can choose your favorite symbol
Better than a boot or thimble


Robot cowboy princes

Every day is game day
‘Cause gamers want to play
Shuffling cards, rolling dice
Pushing pawns, moving mice
From farming to sci fi
No theme in short supply
Zombie ninja wizards
Fighting pirate lizards
Horror to fantasy
It beats watching TV


Corn for only a buck an ear

Shiver me timbers! Blow me down!
Scurvy pirates are back in town!
Don’t walk the plank like a bilge rat!
Arrr! Drink some grog out of a vat!
If seaman talk is rewarded,
Ahoy! Prepare to be boarded!
Avast me proud buxom beauty!
I’d love to plunder yer booty!
I’ve got a patch and a polly!
Aye aye! My Roger is Jolly!

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