Insincere commitments

Your commitment is insincere
You’re saying what I want to hear
But have no intention to keep
Because your promises are cheap


Full moon fever

Full moon way up high
Full moon lights the sky
Full moon bright as day
Full moon guide the way


I even checked my butthole

I have a thing I cannot find
I think I’ve gone and lost my mind
There was a time I had it here
But it’s been gone at least a year
I’ve checked the closets and the drawers
I’ve checked the ceilings and the floors
My mind is not inside my head
Nor is it hiding ‘neath the bed
I’ve looked outside and under there
I just made you say underwear
I’ve searched around the potted plants
And in the pockets of my pants
My Irish friends just laughed I swear
‘Cause pants to them mean underwear
I really hope it’s just misplaced
A mind’s an awful thing to waste
But if it’s gone, I will be fine
As long as one thing’s always mine
I must keep it at any cost
My sense of humor can’t be lost


Proximity paralysis

I can call you on the phone
But I still feel all alone
We could maybe even zoom
But you’re not here in this room
We could have a meal to share
But you’re not here ’cause you’re there
But the thing I really fear
Is if you were really here


Presumptuous platitude

Feeling defective
And ineffective?
Your main objective –
Change your perspective!


Work isn’t a resolution

I’ve been resolute
About my resolutions
But that’s about it


Now that’s deep

We are finite and infinite
We live a lifetime in our shell
Our eternity fits in it
But it’s not a bottomless well

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